Jehna Ackerley, Research & Strategy

Jehna is a romantic when it comes to highlighting and exploring relationships within systems. As a spirited researcher, she works to identify significant themes and patterns then relates them to broader systems to illuminate creative paths towards positive change. Jehna holds a strong fascination with cultural dynamics and feedback platforms. She has immersive experiences in qualitative research and collaborative design that include program development, international policy, community awareness, and organizational transformation. 

Out-of-box thinker and curious seeker, Jehna’s work reveals unexpected connections while promoting creative process and growth.  Her design approach is rooted in a deep purpose to nurture vitality and brilliant possibility for communities and system structures.

Contact: j.wilhelm.ackerley@gmail.com               

Based in Fremont, Seattle (Center of the Universe)



Casey Engels, Principal Strategist

Casey’s role is to facilitate powerful, mutually beneficial connections and conversations. Her work is a creative amalgam of curiosity, research and experiential projects, with a common thread of collaborative approach and regenerative design. Casey has a knack for tuning in and weaving active listening with the visual; mind mapping, strategic illustration and graphic documentation are a core part of her practice.

Knowing first-hand the impact possible, she continues to be drawn to and energized by mission-driven work - particularly that which embodies her commitment to individual actions affecting broader change. Local food and economic resilience, cultural explorations and social permaculture are her shiny things.

Contact:  caseyengels@gmail.com | wonderwander.org

Based at the edge of a field in Vermont.



Rebekah Papé, Principal Designer

A systems thinker by training and a designer at heart, Rebekah is passionate about exploring social change at the intersection of arts, local government, small business, and philanthropy. A self-professed foodie, her interest in food systems extends beyond the perfect localvore plate. Rebekah is deeply committed to social justice efforts that shift patterns of inequality by focusing on food access and affordability, as well as efforts to  increase accessibility to and participation in the rituals of gathering, preparing, and eating food.

She is a talented writer and avidly creative with an extensive background in fine arts and international culture. Her diverse background uniquely informs her current work as a consultant on a wide range of projects related to sustainability, food systems, and social innovation to help clients achieve meaningful change.  

As a founding partner of Bricoleur Collective, Rebekah consults with individuals and organizations to help them assess and create systems to encourage meaningful growth rooted in the principles and ethics of social permaculture.  Her design philosophy is process-oriented with a focus on building and sustaining community through collaboration and reflective practice.  A believer in the power and influence of beauty in daily interactions, Rebekah designs meeting places, event logistics, and personal spaces to support relationship-focused group interaction, reflective practice, and consensus-based outcomes.

Contact: rebekahpape.com  |  rebekah@rebekahpape.com

Based near Cal Anderson Park in Seattle